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ukirsari ... chtobi ne bilo to k luchshemu

Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 1:41 pm

>> s novim godom <<

patron of saint anthony in macau (c) ukirsari

~ pretigge kerstdagen een gelukkig nieuwjaar everyone. wish you all the best. we'll away for december holiday in secluded beaches and foothills of famous mountaineous range and visit the rhinos so does the beautiful dolphins. crossing fingers for our trips ~

holy mother mary in sao dominic church (c) ukirsari

Friday, November 17, 2006 at 3:50 pm

>> noite e dia <<

in front of ruinas do sao paulo (c) nicholas ingram

noite e dia,
portuguese for night and day
yes within a night and day, i already fell in love with old quarter of macau
walking along the cobblestones
visiting the churches
feel the wind's blowing
autumn has came
it's in modern era
passed the second millenium
but the cobblestones
absorbed the old histories of a-ma gau

humming about "se" that performed by josh groban
i feel the same ....
e cio che provo e solamente amore. and what i sense it’s only love ....

in the concorde's cabin (c) ukirsari

Monday, November 13, 2006 at 3:01 pm

>> awaiting december hols <<

puffin and dalphin winter hols
Daisypath Ticker

@rie with our american friends in chek lap kok island (c) nicholas ingram

nicholas with our serbian friends in venice (c) ukirsari

Thursday, October 19, 2006 at 4:20 pm

>> i am so proud of him <<

* this is his enchanting posting at www.concordesst.com *

Visited Le Bourget Museum on Friday 13/10/06.
author: nicholasingram [member]

Wow!!!! Sierra Delta looks immaculate!! The best condition Concorde I have seen so far. Looks like new!

& Lucky me because the museum was empty.

Inside the Concorde Hall I was approached by ex Air France Concorde Engineer, Pascal (worked on Concorde for 15 years) who told me to wait around because in 10mins time they would be powering up Sierra Delta and I would be able to get some shots of visor down, and the nose being drooped. Cool!!!

They are able to run a generator outside the hall and bring cables across to provide power to Concorde.

10 minutes later........navigation lights on.....tail, wing tips, egde of the wing etc........then landing lights on. Then I get a private demo from their engineering team testing visor down and droop nose positions until I have all the photos I need and then they keep asking if I'd like them to run the sequence again. That was nice!!!

After that I got invited to visiit the cockpit and sit in the first officers seat of Sierra Delta with all the cockpit instruments illuminated. How spooky to sit there with everything powered up 3 years after the fleet had been retired.......(very hot in the cockpit too!!) and finally when the power went off.......warning gong/chime sounds.......just like on "Concorde An Interpid Journey" DVD.

Pascal (President of the team working on Sierra Delta) told me by 2009 the plan is that Sierra Delta will be in flying condition with all systems fully working WOW!!!

Unfortunately my French isn't that good and Pascals English was a bit limited but is anyone from the forum involved / have contact with the engineering team working on Sierra Delta?

They have a website and are looking for support (I don't have the link with me but will post later). You can join them for 20euros per year and that includes free unlimited admission to Le Bourget.

I would suggest to anyone thinking of visiting that they contact Pascal before hand to check if they will be able to power up Sierra Delta for you. I think they can do something like that for groups of enthusiasts.

What a pity BA couldn't have allowed something like this.

But I guess that makes Sierra Delta unqiue!! Ignore the critics who say SD and 001 are couped up in that hanger.......they both look like they are very very well cared for.

Also visited FF at CDG Terminal 2..........no problem taking photos and looks great lit up at night!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006 at 12:47 pm

>> how love it should be <<

* ukirsari, nicholas, rika, ivo [automaticly taken]*

pada akhirnya, kita akan sampai pada suatu hari yang biasa
[soe hok gie]

finally, we will find an ordinary day. a very plain day -- not an emotional day, but something nice which already captured deeply in our hearts
so, there's nothing surprise or big shock, but it's following all of our steps through the all days we have

i share my life with people i love. and i already stop thinking about anything who has no relation with my life. i am not a brand new person, but i "adore" my life more than anything in the world. and in my life it's contain with people to whom i included them in my daily pray

i am not fancy to be someone nor reach a status, but i know how to manage and spend my days and create them --fulfilled with happiness

mon Dieu! i love you, life. my life :)

small notes
- landed at charles de gaulle airport
- visit a sister of concorde gboaa 01
- find a small-comfy place just like santa croce in venice, in academia region
- landed at macau international airport
- visit largo do senado and se
- stay in augusters
- depart from jetfoil exterior [not lagos van nam]
- visit rare-endangered pinky dolphins in pearl river delta
- hiking on new territories
- sailing around aberdeen [not repulse bay]
- listening to the noon day gun
- home for new year's eve

temporary notes
maybe this is not a necessary note [for myself], but i want to write down here as a new start to leave anything bad behind. this is dedicated to someone or more than one who has 'smokey' lips. who has narrow-minded brain [opppssss]. who count me with words as follows "oh, long time ago, you looks more skinny and seems not so many times been in travels."
well, this is my statement: yes. long time ago, i look more skinny, with stupid bones and not going travel as much as i have now, since i have to share my money for feeding someone who only can ask and never give. and treat me as an atm gallery! person who insisted "this is love, this is love, this is love [rephrase from bob marley's 'is this love, is this love, is this love']" but i realize what's a bollock statement and the taste just like fried sausages in castrol oil [bleaaaahhhhhh!!!!]. but thank God, it's over now :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 10:21 am

>> home again ... renew passport <<

* we just landed in zurich (c) ukirsari *

* enchanting shwedagon paya at night, yangon (c) ukirsari *

me: morning, sir!
officer: hi, come in ... please sit down. actually your passport is about expired or there's no space anymore for the stamps? [checking the old one and check my fingerprints and id picture are being transfered from other room]
me: [thinking, "huh?!!" but can give him a smile]. well, actually my expiration date is next 8 months ahead, but with my responsibility i want to make it earlier.
officer: so you'll go abroad again?
me: [oh dear] yes, seems so, i will [smile again]

then i remember something .... nice to think about how my beloved ones trying to talk a better bahasa indonesia. including chit-chat in immigration ... but in return, the officer "kindly" ask him in very polite way, "do you have something for me?" oh God, gimme a break x-( and the most crazy thing, his answer was, "oh ada! mau kopi?" what? but allright, nothing happened here. at least i can pass this renew passport successfully!

* piazzeta di san marco at night, venice(c)nicholas ingram *

Friday, August 11, 2006 at 5:35 pm

>> great news while away from home <<

posted by romanb in thorn tree lonely planet

June photo comp winners and runners-up

Hi all

It's been a tough competition to judge - thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. We've chosen a winner and runners-up for both the Africa and Asia categories. Hopefully we'll have an LP.com photo gallery up on the site soon.

* bianglala di atas giza (c) ukirsari *


the winning entry

the runners-up
* ukirsari * [entitled: bianglala di atas giza]

~ thank God for this gift and no matter about win or lose, i dedicated this picture to beloved nicholas, my only travel companion and soulmate ~

at 3:38 pm

>> dalphin is reporting live <<

[in flight meals (c) ukirsari]

"xxxAir from Southend was not affected by terror threat warning since only have xxxAir and x1 flight per week to Jersey. When the plane lands or takesoff the road must be tutup at the end of the runway. Very nice though ... no queue ... plane parked outside the building and walk straight out ... almost as if it were a private jet. Leather seats and the food (most important thing for Puffin) hmmmmmmmmm quite nice and served on china. Puffin!!! Flight time only 50mins ... Puffin need makan?"